Don't trash your hosiery

Thousands of pairs of hosiery are sent to the landfill every day. Instead of making them garbage, let us repurpose them and turn them into art.

Clearing out your hosiery drawer? Box them up and send them to us for a new life.

Set up a collection at work to help reduce your company's waste stream.  

Bad hose day? Get with coworkers and send in a combined shipment of old pairs to save on shipping. It is fine if they have runs or holes. Even if someone ripped them up in frustration after they got a run
(We understand!)

Why recycle hosiery?

Have you thought about what happens to those stockings and hosiery once they go in the garbage?

It is not a pretty sight to see hosiery with garbage in the back of a garbage truck, or in a trash compactor, or getting buried with trash in a landfill.

Although we try to minimize our impact, reusing and recycling all that we can, a lot of items are still not considered recyclable.  Tights and Pantyhose are not biodegradable, and are expected to last over 30-40 years in a landfill. Hosiery sales are over $1 billion a year. With most of those heading for a landfill, it is important to find opportunities for reuse, and ways to lengthen their lifespan.  

To send hosiery in for recycling,